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From Dietary Supplements and Juicers to  Exercise Equipment and other Useful Items, we have the products you need to add to your healthy lifestyle! You already eat right, and have the latest health books for your library... now you need to plan your exercise regimen and add to the supplements you take on a daily basis.

Here you will find products specifically selected to help you on the road to health. Start juicing for a more healthy way to get your vegetables. Use a new piece of exercise equipment for a change to your routine.

We want you to have all the products you need for a healthy life... and we are adding new products frequently... so keep checking back!

Dietary Supplements


Oxy-Powder  ...the oxygen colon cleanser

Hoodia-- Diet pill containing pure hoodia from the hoodia cactus lipodrene.gif (10491 bytes)
Oxy-Powder...constipation really has met its match!   Introducing OXY-POWDER™, the oxygen colon cleanser from Global Healing Center. OxyPowder is the most advanced, scientifically correct colon cleanser there is. It does not just sweep the symptoms under the rug, it goes right after the real cause of constipation. It is the same product being used for optimal colon health and oxygen cleansing by the Hollywood stars.
Hoodia (Gordonii) 750--Hoodia diet pill containing pure hoodia from the hoodia cactus organically grown in South Africa. Hoodia Gordoni has been known to produce major appetite suppression for many years in the South African region. Until recently, the majority of the Western part of the world had no clue this amazing herb even existed or that it possessed such strong appetite suppressant capabilities. Lipodrene with Ephedrine
LipodreneTM is the FIRST over-the-counter (O.T.C.) nutriceutical to incorporate all three aspects of obesity into one amazing product called LipodreneTM ... and the results have been extraordinary. Lipodrene contains a unique extract found in South Africa and Botswana's Hoodia Gordonii cactus.
Sea Vegg by Farmasea Health Agel EXO Gelceutical by Agel Coral Calcium Supreme --Bob Barefoot's formula
Sea Vegg by Farmasea Health
Sea Vegg is a 100% vegetable dietary food supplement containing up to twelve nutritionally dense species of whole sea plants, sea vegetables, chosen from 10,000 varieties. These plants are harvested off the coast of Ireland in cooperation with the Irish Government and their accredited scientists and blended into a convenient capsule form.
Agel EXO Gelceutical by Agel
Blueberry, Dark Grape, Cranberry, Bilberry, Aronia, Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, Noni, Para Guava, Acerola, Wolfberry, Açai, Ashwaganda, Rooibos--exotic whole fruit purees and plant extracts blended in a convenient gel form!
Coral Calcium formulated and endorsed by Robert Barefoot
Coral Calcium Supreme is one of the highest grade "marine coral" available
, combined with the power of Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12 and 400mcg of Folates. The Calcium to Magnesium ratio is a biologically perfect 2:1 and contains 75 trace minerals.
Xango Mangosteen Juice by Xango Hawaiian Puna Noni Juice by Noni Connection Seasilver - Sea Silver - Seasilver Dealers
Xango Mangosteen Juice by Xango
Despite the fact that mangosteen has only recently been discovered in the West, there have already been literally hundreds of research papers and third party studies conducted on mangosteen and xanthones throughout the world, corroborating what folklore medicine has known for centuries: Mangosteen Works!    XanGo is a proprietary formulation featuring mangosteen whole fruit puree, utilizing all the xanthone-laden components of the fruit. The result is a heavenly delicious beverage that brings a wealth of incredible benefits.
Hawaiian Noni Juice by Noni Connection
100% Pure Hawaiian Puna Noni Juice by Noni Connection comes from the Puna district of the Big Island of Hawaii. On the slopes of long-slumbering volcanos, sun-ripened Noni fruit is handpicked, and then aged in the traditional Hawaiian way of our forefathers. When the juice is properly aged and bursting with health and vitality, it is shipped to Honolulu, and bottled under rigorously enforced sterile conditions. This noni juice is 100% pure Noni juice, WITHOUT ADDITIVES OF ANY KIND. It is not made from concentrate.
Seasilver® (also known as Sea Silver, CSilver, C Silver, and C-Silver) is a kosher certified whole food (plant-based) nutritional supplement in liquid form. Discover why so many people are choosing Seasilver® to complement a healthy and active lifestyle. Looking for Seasilver® Dealers? Click to buy Seasilver®!

Airborne Cold Remedy Effervescent Health Formula

Xocai Drink - Chocolate and Acai Berry by MXI Corp Ester-C from Natrol
Airborne Effervescent Health Formula--The #1 Natural Cold Remedy in the US! According to, "...celebrity event planner Colin Cowie says he's obsessed with Airborne. "When I travel, I'd rather leave my credit cards at home than leave my Airborne at home." Plus, Colin says it's fabulous for curing hangovers!" AIRBORNE’S unique natural formula of seven Herbal Extracts, Antioxidants, Electrolytes, and Amino Acids, offers maximum vitamin and herbal support for hours!* Plus its natural ginger component helps fight nausea.* Xocai Drink by MXI Corp- Chocolate and Acai Berry-- Xocai, the ultimate antioxidant beverage Xocai (Sho-sigh) – The name Xocai consists of the first two letters of the Aztec word, "Xocolatl", an ancient American chocolate beverage, and the last three letters of "Acai", a berry found in the Amazon Rain Forest. Xocai is a beverage which combines the antioxidant benefits of the finest, all-natural European cocoa powder, the açai berry from the Amazon Rain Forest, and other fruits. Xocai is sweetened with agave nectar derived from a Mexican cactus. Ester-C from Natrol
Ester-C® is a unique form of Vitamin C containing naturally occurring metabolites. Ester-C® patented manufacturing process neutralizes the pH, making Ester-C® gentle on the digestive system, unlike other Vitamin C products that are often more acidic.

Complete Garden of Life Product Line

Jordan Rubin's Garden of Life supplements offer complete whole food nutrition for the entire family. Whole foods support the body's functions naturally and each Garden of Life product in this section offers a uniquely effective combination of nature's most powerful whole foods and ingredients to provide optimized nutrition your body can easily digest and absorb.
Oregano Supplements --North American Herb and Spice Brand
Oregano Kit: 2 Oil of Oregano, 1 Oregamax by North American Herb and Spice

Oregamax Wild Oregano Supplement

Physician's Strength Oil Of Oregano

Full Oregano Kit: 2 Oil of Oregano, 1 Oregamax

Oregamax Wild Oregano Supplement
Origanum Vulgaris

Physician's Strength Oil of Oregano
Origanum Vulgaris (with Olive Oil)
Physician's Strength OIl of Oregano Extra Strength

Physician's Strength Oil of Oregano Essence

Physician's Strength Oil Of Oregano Extra Strength
Origanum Vulgaris (with Olive Oil)
Physician's Strength Oil of Oregano Essence
Origanum Vulgaris
Other Oregano Brands and Products:
Oregano Essential Oil--full strength

OreganoRX--Biblical Hyssop Origanum Syriacum

Bulk Oregano from Mountain Rose Herbs

Oregano Essential Oil
Origanum vulgare (full strength--this oil is not emulsified like the other oils on this must be diluted) Available in extra large sizes not found elsewhere.

Oregano Oil-RX
Origanum Syriacum (with olive oil, capsicum oil)
Also known as Biblical Hyssop
Dry Bulk Oregano


Juiceman® II Juicer

Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer

Juiceman® II is the quick and easy juicer to help meet your nutritional needs.  Enjoy the benefits of juicing with the Juiceman® II. Save money by making fresh, healthy juice at home.

Unlock the power of juicing with Jack LaLanne's Power Juicer by Princess. The amazing commercial quality Power Juicer lets you make the fastest, healthiest, fresh squeezed juice in seconds.

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Exercise Equipment

Body By Jake Ab Scissor

The Body By Jake Ab Scissor is the fun and easy way to cut the fat and sculpt your abs! This machine puts your body in the perfect anatomical position to automatically firm and flatten your stomach in no time!

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Air Purifiers & Ozonators

Oreck Super Air 8 Professional Air Purifier
The Oreck Super Air 8 Professional Air Purifier has a permanent filter system that quietly cleans the air in your home of allergens, dust and dirt - completely purifying the air in a 900 square foot room every hour.

Miscellaneous Useful Items

Shop for Health Books from Barnes and in Diet and Health or Medical Books.

Shop for Health Books from in Health, Mind & Body or Health & Fitness Magazines

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