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The External Diet: Is Your House Making
You Overweight, Sick, or Tired?

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  The External Diet: Is Your House Making You Overweight, Sick or Tired? Margaret Rouse Shontz
  198 pages

     Price: $29.95

Read the description below, or Buy The External Diet right now.

If the cause of ill health is eliminated, then a cure is not needed.

Most Americans would be shocked to learn that their house might be making them overweight, sick or tired--and yet that is exactly what is shown in this new book Is Your House Making You Overweight, Sick or Tired?

Margaret Rouse Shontz, B.A., M.A., and Ed.S., who taught Business Education to the blind and partially sighted and at a public high school and university was determined to get well. She studied nutrition books and changed her family's diet. This helped for about five years but then something happened. She and her family started having excess sodium symptoms. She studied the nutritional literature for two years trying to figure out where she and her family were getting the sodium. And then one day while taking shower, she noticed she started swelling up. Of course! Two years earlier they had remodeled the bathroom and installed a water softener (which was set too high and plugged into improper electricity!). There was 40lbs. of salt in their house air and water.

This book is her story as to how to obtain health naturally by not letting the external diet destroy it. Her over twenty years of study and observation include installation errors in plumbing, appliances, telephone and electricity and ther negative effects on her health.

Buy the book, and read about topics also discussed in The External Diet such as:

  • Shampoo
  • Direction you Sleep
  • Shoes
  • Refrigerators
  • Water Softeners
  • New Hot Water Heaters
  • Phone Installation
  • Electrical Ssytems
  • Metal Jewelry
  • Microwaves
  • Airbags
  • Braces
  • And hundreds more!           

Margaret Rouse Shontz who realized the effects of substances in the house and appliance installation errors including improper electricity to be the major causes of weight problems and most illnesses has received an outstanding review of her book from The Midwest Book Review.

It says her book is "an informative, insightful, and very practical guide to the household causes of a variety of health problems including weight gain, stress, and insomnia. From the effects of deleterious improper electricity, to how the direction one sleeps affects how one feels, to being wary of poisons from water pipes or dysfunctional filters, Is Your House Making You Overweight, Sick or Tired? is an informed and informative, thoughtful and thought provoking, health and safety guide which is especially recommended reading for anyone suffering from chronic health problems. Is Your House Making You Overweight, Sick or Tired? is a unique and welcome addition to any personal, professional, or community library Alternative Medicine reference collection."

Shontz has a B.A., M.A., and an Ed.S. from the University of Northern Iowa. For over twenty-five years she has had the determination to discover why she and her family were sick and what to do about it. She has written a book called Is Your House Making You Overweight, Sick or Tired? [The External Diet] 2003. The book contains over 125 items one should check in their external diet to see if the factors are negatively affecting his/her health.

In addition to talking about the household problems that cause ill health particularly improper electricity, she will explain the forced upward fountain of aging and ill health and how to stop it, how to balance a cell and keep it balanced, how to determine which of the twelve components of the blood are missing, how to replace them thus reteaching the body how to function, and other alternative methods of eliminating ill health. Is Your House Making You Overweight, Sick or Tired? [The External Diet] is a 198-page, 8 x 10" laminated soft cover book which includes from aluminum in deodorants to incompatible metals in water pipes to how to check for improper electricity and much more to see if the factors are negatively affecting their health. She even tells in three words what she believes cities could do to slow down, stop, or divert hurricanes!

Hereditary or Houseitary?

A mother contacted the author about her three daughters, ages one, four and seven. The oldest and youngest daughters each had ear problems. The seven year old's problems had gotten much worse adn the trouble had gone into her throat about eight months earlier. The mother was frantically taking her oldest daughter to doctors.

After talking with the author, the mother realized that the one year old and seven year old each slept with their heads near receptacles while the four year old did not. And eight months earlier, they had gotten the seven year old a metal headboard for her bed which the mother quickly realized would attract electricity.

This is a very valuable book and one of the most important and unique books in the health field today. For anyone who wishes to live happily ever after, this book is a must.

Read the description above, or Buy The External Diet right now.

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