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Specials - From time to time we have products that we carry, that don't fit into a specific category, are a special price, available for a limited time or a one time deal that we would like to bring your attention to. Those are the products you will find here in our - Specials - section. Some of these items are not found anywhere else on our site, so look carefully...

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Household Tools that make our lives easier

Miss Army Knife Utility Kit by Miss Army for the MIss Army Girl

Miss Army Knife by Miss Army (Also referred to as the Miss Army Utility Knife or Miss Army Utility Kit)--The Miss Army Utility Kit has a knife, scissors, needle & thread, bottle opener, pill box, nail file, ruler, corkscrew, tweezers, pen, perfume, pill holder, key chain, safety pin, flashlight, mirror.

Skinny Stool--Store This Stool In The Space Of A Broom—Folds To Just 1” Thick. Use this handy stool for your high-reaching jobs around the house, then fold it up and slide it into that narrow space next to the refrigerator or stove, or in a closet.

Register Filters--Filters clear the air in every room...thru the registers! Make life more bearable for dust-sensitive people. Place one of these filter pads inside all your forced-air register vents and you'll significantly reduce the amount of dust and pollen floating through your home every time the A/C or furnace blower goes on. Removes some particles more effectively than fiberglass furnace filters.

Cleaner--Drop-In Toilet Bowl Cleaner Does The Work For You, Without Chemicals, For 50,000 Flushes! Drop the Chem-Free™ cartridge into the toilet tank and forget about it. The Mineral Magnets™ inside prevent stain-causing minerals in the water from bonding to the tank or bowl, so no more scrubbing is necessary! Fabricated with an anti-microbial agent to inhibit mold or mildew growth on the cleaner itself. Guaranteed by mfr. to last five years or 50,000 flushes.


Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About by Kevin Trudeau

TAKE $10 OFF INSTANTLY--CLICK HERE>>>Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About by Consumer Advocate Kevin Trudeau
Find out why you are sick and what you can do about it naturally. Read about the conspiracy to keep you overweight and in poor health...

A Promise Made A Promise Kept: One Son's Quest for the Cause and Cure of Diabetes

TAKE $12 OFF INSTANTLY--CLICK HERE>>>A Promise Made A Promise Kept: One Son's Quest For the Cause and Cure of Diabetes by Dr.James Chappell
You CAN Reverse the Effects of, and Even CURE, Diabetes and Other Major Life-Threatening Ailments...Such as Cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Many Others! This is NO joke... It's been SCIENTIFICALLY & HISTORICALLY PROVEN!

Educational Toys--Puzzles, Wooden Toys, Felt Learning Books and Activities
These wooden toys are exceptional! Quality wood toys are hard to find these days.

Large Rainbow--Wooden 3-dimensional puzzle. The 'Large Rainbow' Children's Wooden Toy teaches color recognition and sequencing, encourages creative pattern making, an ideal birth present and a great early childhood toy.

Circle Blocks--Wooden 3-dimensional puzzle. A colorful, multi-purpose puzzle which allows children to discover size sequencing as they vertically stack the arches or create larger circles. Appeals to older children for more sophisticated pattern creating as it appeals to adults to create sculptural forms.

Large Caterpillar--Wooden 3-dimensional puzzle. Works well for group play and team building. Great for learning colors and shape fitting.

Colorful Cat With A Rainbow Tail--Great for all young children to put this puzzle together. Helps children learn early maths skills such as matching, sequencing and identifying shapes and colors.

Sheep On A Hill Wooden 3-dimensional puzzle

Sheep On The Hill--Wooden 3-dimensional puzzle. A New Zealand icon.

3 Dimensional 7 Piece Puzzle--Wooden 3-dimensional puzzle. An original unique concept in a three dimensional puzzle design. It is intended for all ages and is designed to stimulate and help develop spatial skills. Each puzzle is individually cut, no two the same. Each piece is a beautiful shape and all the edges of all the pieces have been sanded.

3 Dimensional Natural Cube--Wooden 3-dimensional puzzle. An original unique concept in a three dimensional puzzle design. It is intended for all ages and is designed to stimulate and help develop spatial skills. Each puzzle is individually cut, no two the same. Each piece is a beautiful shape and all the edges of all the pieces have been sanded.

Paddle Boat--Wooden Boat for fun in the bath! It has a rubber band connecting the rudder that propels this boat forward. Made from solid New Zealand Pine with non toxic paint.

Buzzy Bee Wooden Pull Along Toy--The classic toy that all Kiwi (New Zealand) children grew up with and continue to grow up with. As you pull it along by its string the wings go round and round and it makes that "clicking noise" that gets louder as you go faster. Read the Buzzy Bee Story...

Zip It! Activity Book--This activity book is designed to assist children with dressing - related skills. It has 6 soft pages containing a zip, buttons, snap clasp, buckle, plait and laces with which to challenge the childs co-ordination.

Fur Book--This book is made from brightly coloured acylic felt fabrics and acrylic fur pieces. It shows 6 fluffy animals : a rabbit, an owl, a sheep, a buzzy bee, a cat and a dog. The book is very baby/child friendly, having soft pages that are easy to hold , fur to touch and stroke, and three dimensional attachments that are beneficial to the development of their tactile senses.

Clothing Clown--This stick-up wall hanging is designed to assist children with dressing-related skills. It has a zip, buttons, laces, a snap clasp and buckles. On the back are velcro stickers that enable the hanging to be displayed on a wall or door as room decoration, and easily taken down to play with as desired.

Special Sites for your Health Shopping
We've chosen a few select sites for you that have additional special deals for you to check out...

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